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Do You Fight You are Fighting All The Time?

Do you and your partner find yourselves arguing all the time? 


If so, then taking a closer look at how you express your frustrations may help you to understand why the bad feelings continue long after the conversation is done.  Dr John Gottman, an American therapist who has done extensive research into what makes a marriage work after watching and studying thousands of hours of couples interacting in his “love lab’, concludes that if, what he calls the Four Horseman (defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling or criticism), were present in couple’s exchanges, then they were much more likely to divorce.  This really gives us something to think about. 


There are antidotes to these four destructive habits that can turn your relationship into a strong and safe connection even in times of frustration and conflict.  Want to know more.  Counselling can offer you insights that will support your efforts to maintain a strong and healthy connection with your partner especially when the going gets tough. 


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