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Feeling Good in Your Relationship

When we get uncomfortable feelings about our relationship and don't know how to recreate our loving bond, counselling gives us the opportunity to gain awareness of why we feel so anxious and angry. Once we can look at our behaviour, and the behaviour of our partner, with new understanding, then it makes it possible for us to heal our relationship.

Benefits of Counselling: *Increased confidence (self-esteem) through self-knowledge and self-understanding *Reduced stress and anxiety *Stronger connections in your relationships *Clearer and more effective communication with others *Strong personal boundaries *Increased resilience in the face of challenging experiences *The ability to live more in the present moment (rather than worrying about the past or future) *Awareness and understanding of your own behaviour patterns *More compassion for yourself and others (increased ability to forgive yourself and others) *The ability to be more assertive and self-empowered

This couple can eyeball each other. It is clear they feel connected and safe with each other.

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