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Blog April 2018

Would you like to break free from entrenched habits, emotions and beliefs and improve your self-acceptance? 

The Emotional Freedom Technique will help you.

Clients come to counselling for numerous reasons and I find that often, at the heart of a person’s struggle, is their lack of self-love.  This lack was usually developed in childhood, or from unresolved painful experiences.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, can help to shift and release these negative emotional blocks (such as a lack of self-belief/self-love) in the body’s energy system, which show up as depression, anxiety, low energy and low self-esteem. 

During counselling I identify a your vulnerable feelings and use this knowledge during the EFT process to connect with core emotions.


The philosophy that energy (chi) needs to flow freely through the body’s meridians has been around for thousands of years and techniques such as tai chi, shiatsu, qi gong and so on, are all designed to keep the energy flowing.  Trauma and stress in all its different forms, create blocks in the energy system.  When these blocks occur, energy does not reach and sustain vital organs. This can lead to disease. 

This technique is simply, and yet very effective, and works if we are open to the process.  Once you have learned how to use it in session, it can be utilised at home when you feel stressed or vulnerable or are facing difficult life circumstances.


Emotional Freedom Technique Success Rates

The success rates using this technique are as high as 95%, so long as the technique is initially carried out with a qualified and experienced practitioner.  Personally, I am surprised at how well this technique works.

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