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 Working With YOU


I will engage with you in a way that feels safe, supportive and non-threatening. The session will focus on your immediate needs. I will draw on many psychotherapy models. You become the expert in your own healing journey while you are compassionately and respectfully supported as you explore, work through and resolve past and present difficulties and/ or challenging issues. My aim will be for you to feel more aware of yourself and others and for you to feel empowered.

What You May Be Struggling to Overcome
Benefits of Counselling
  1. Low self-esteem (this may have occurred due to your childhood experiences, a perceived poor body image or because you have been bullied at school, sport or work or some other experience)

  2. Depression (low energy levels, lack of motivation or a persistent low mood)

  3. Anxiety (agitation, racing heart, sweaty palms, dizziness)

  4. Post Abortive Syndrome or grief due to another form of  pregnancy loss such as miscarriage, pregnancy termination or stillbirth

  5. Grief and loss (loss of a loved one, end of a relationship, loss of employment)

  6. Relationship challenges (feeling misunderstood, disconnected, frustrated, caught up in constant circular repetitive disagreements, lack of passion).

You will have:


  • Increased confidence (self-esteem) through self-knowledge and awareness of self and others

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Stronger connections in your relationships

  • More effective communication with others

  • Strong personal boundaries

  • Increased resilience in the face of challenging experiences

  • The ability to live more in the present moment.

  • Awareness and understanding of your own behaviour patterns

  • More compassion for yourself and others (increased ability to forgive yourself and others)

  • The ability to be more assertive and self-empowered

Basically, my aim for people is to work towards helping them to be more differentiated.  This is a big word that means,  you know who you are and what is important to you and you can hold this without becoming distressed when somebody who is close to you does not feel the same way.  Also, you are willing to stretch your boundaries and feel some anxiety for the good of making some positive changes to an important relationships.  You can self-soothe when anxiety mounts and you can look at your own reactivity when you get triggered by your partner.  This is a big task, but one that will make a real difference to your relationship and your life.  The process is ongoing and will change the way you feel and manage your life.

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