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Emotional Freedom Technique


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The Emotional Freedom technique is designed to help release emotional blocks in the body’s energy system and involves tapping on acupuncture points with your fingers.  The philosophy that energy (chi) needs to flow freely through the body’s meridians has been around for thousands of years and techniques such as tai chi, shiatsu, qi gong and so on, are all designed to keep the energy flowing.  Trauma and stress in all its different forms, create blocks in the energy system.  When these blocks occur, energy does not reach and sustain vital organs. This can lead to disease. 


The Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on the various acupuncture points while you also bring to mind and verbalise, in a specific manner, physical symptoms or negative memories.  This process helps you to release life stresses or physical issues from your body’s energy system.


This technique has proven to work well and can initially be done with an EFT practitioner, and later, you can learn to perform this technique yourself.


Interestingly, when we bring to mind a traumatic experience, our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between whether it is happening now, or whether it happened in the past.  The same chemical responses are triggered in both incidences.  If you recall a painful memory and focus on it, notice how it affects your body.  Perhaps you might feel sick or vulnerable.  This is an indication that your body is experiencing this event as if it is happening now.


With the Emotional Freedom Technique you can bring to mind and release emotional issues, physical issues, thought patterns and/or behaviour, as well as blocks.  It won’t take away your natural responses to life events, but it will erase unhealthy responses.  For example if somebody close to you has passed away, it won’t erase your natural grief response, but it will remove unhealthy responses, such as holding onto the pain because you don’t want to let the person go. (Dawson & Allenby, 2010).


The process of the Emotional Freedom Technique helps you to get in touch with an old memory and feelings associated with it, so that you can release the emotion that are associated with that memory.


Emotional Freedom Technique Success Rates


The success rates using this technique are as high as around 95% so long as the technique is carried out with a qualified and experienced practitioner.  Personally, I am sometimes surprised at how well this technique works.  I have personally found that at the core of most clients struggles is a lack of self-love that is running in the background and influencing how you feel about most aspects of your life.  Once awareness has kicked in then you can work with this and slowly change your belief and feeling about yourself.

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